Commercial Dining Table Guide

How to choose the right commercial table for your venue The layout and interior design of your restaurant or café has the ability to create (or break) the perfect dining experience for your guests. And not only do you need to consider the look and feel for hospitality furniture, but you also need to focusRead more ⟶

How to choose the ideal dining table for your home

Choosing the piece of furniture where families congregate for meals, activities and meaningful conversations comes with some pressure, as it naturally becomes the centrepiece of a home. At Chairforce, we not only have 52 options of dining chairs for your home, we also have a beautiful selection of dining tables to perfectly complement your kitchenRead more ⟶

How To Choose Dining Chairs For Your Home

The kitchen and dining area are the heart and soul of most homes, where your family and friends congregate to eat and share their lives with you. So, it’s key to create a space that reflects your style, provides comfort to allow lingering, and is achievable within your budget. With so many types of diningRead more ⟶