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At Chairforce, cafe chairs of various kinds are available. We have a large display of UV-resistant polypropylene, steel, and wood cafe chairs. We provide industrial, modern, and classic designs that follow the current design trends. There are a variety of colours to choose from to complement your hospitality environment, and they are easily stackable.

Where To Buy Stackable Cafe Chairs or Restaurant Chairs in NZ?cafe chairsStacking Cafe Chairs NZ

Chairforce is proud to offer a wide selection of cafe chairs, bar stools and cafe tables online and in our showroom in Auckland. Fast nationwide delivery and pickup allow you to have your new chairs in no time.
Looking for stacking cafe chairs in New Zealand? Chairforce has you covered! Visit us now:

Is It Time For Your Restaurant To Have A Makeover?

Whether your cafe specialises in breakfasts, lunches, or just hot drinks and small nibbles, you’ll discover a range of cafe chairs at Chairforce that matches your d√©cor, personality, and brand.

Maximising Floor Space For Cafes & Restaurants

For cafes and restaurants, floor space is a valuable commodity. By utilising every square metre effectively, businesses can make the most of their available space and create a more inviting and comfortable environment for customers. If you have a smaller area, you might like our Leo Chair with a footprint of 36cm wide x 46cm deep. Another great way to maximise floor space in a cafe or restaurant is to use a cafe table that can be easily moved around or put away when not used. Check out our cafe tables with foldable features; they are built with an aluminium table base with a folding mechanism, so they are light and easy to store away.

Commercial Furniture With Business Owners In Mind

We not only provide the best cafe chairs but also at the most affordable cost. We do this because no company should have to cut corners when obtaining the necessary supplies. Because we have worked hard over the years to establish a solid relationship directly with our manufacturers, our pricing is highly competitive. Because of our direct and close relations, we can negotiate the most incredible product pricing and pass those savings on to our customers.

Choosing The Right Seats For Cafes, Bars & Bistros

In the hospitality industry, you appreciate the importance of getting every part of the experience right. Guests evaluate the d√©cor, the tables, the chairs, the menu, the staff and the ambience. If you are looking for cafe chairs for sale, you’ve come to the right place to ensure that you get the best design at the lowest price guaranteed. Whether you are a small start-up restaurant or part of a major national franchise, we have a wide chair colour range here for you to choose from. We appreciate that your restaurant or franchise is unique and, as such, requires furniture to match. We continually update the restaurant chairs and tables we sell so that you get contemporary new looks and access to the current materials and styles.

Outdoor Café Chairs

The most common design for outdoor cafe chairs is a one-piece injection moulded polypropylene chair with a backrest. This chair has been UV-stabilized to slow the colour-fading process for outdoor cafes and restaurants. The colour will last longer in our harsh New Zealand climate.

Stackable Restaurant Chairs

We have a range of sizes and styles available, whether you want to provide¬†seating for customers outdoors¬†or your customers watching your sushi chef. They’re all long-lasting, and most may be stacked, making workdays easier. Regarding style and comfort, the restaurant bistro chairs with armrests are the perfect addition to any restaurant setting. These chairs are ideal and comfy enough for kids and adults alike.

Commercial Quality Metal Dining Chairs For Modern Cafe

Metal is non-porous, which means you won’t have to worry about fabric stains, flattened cushions, or shredded armrests. Metal chairs are becoming increasingly popular in coffee shops for their durability and retro look. They’re easy to clean and low-cost to maintain, making them the suitable choice for busy cafe owners.

Multiple Design & Always In Stock – Moulded Polypropylene Cafe Chairs

Buying a new seat arrangement for a business is never an easy task. You face an overwhelming selection of furniture, some irrelevant to your theme. You might consider single injection moulded polypropylene reinforced with glass fibre, which is very strong that could carry a static load of up to 300kg. While using plastic might seem like an unpopular choice, there are benefits for those that decide to take this route. Plastic has similar benefits to metal and wood but at a fraction cost.
Furthermore, suppose you are a savvy business owner set on having a retro or bold aesthetic on your premises. In that case, our replica chairs, such as the polypropylene french provincial cross-back chairs and Breeze Air, are a terrific option to deliver a stylish commercial space. We also cater to business offices and residential customers who want to furnish their homes or add seating to their lounges.

Cafe Chairs FAQs

What Are French Bistro Chairs?

French bistro chairs are also cafe chairs and sometimes terrace chairs. They are a quintessential part of outdoor cafe culture and are widely used at outdoor cafes and restaurant seating options. The French bistro chairs are iconic and famous for their simplicity and comfort. The simplicity of the design and the functionality and practicality of the chairs makes them a great addition to any outdoor setting. Check out our Polypropylene Provincial Cross Back Chair, available in white and black.

What Are Parisian Bistro Chairs?

Every person who has visited Paris has likely sat in one of these chairs before. And if they didn’t, they probably tried hard to find some. They’re the quintessential French bistro chair. They’re also known as French caf√© chairs.
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    Replica Viento Chair

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    Camilla Chair

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    Javi Chair

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  • Nikko Net Armchair

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  • Replica Tolix Chair

    Replica Tolix Chair

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  • Breeze Chair

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  • Polypropylene Provincial Crossback Chair

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