Advantages of Aluminium and Aluminium Outdoor Furniture.

When it comes to furnishing your outdoor space, durability, style, and functionality are key factors to consider. Out of all the materials you can choose from, aluminium is a top pick for outdoor furniture. Its numerous advantages make it a preferred option for those seeking both practicality and aesthetics in their outdoor decor. Let’s delveRead more ⟶

How to choose the ideal dining table for your home

Choosing the piece of furniture where families congregate for meals, activities and meaningful conversations comes with some pressure, as it naturally becomes the centrepiece of a home. At Chairforce, we not only have 52 options of dining chairs for your home, we also have a beautiful selection of dining tables to perfectly complement your kitchenRead more ⟶

How To Choose Dining Chairs For Your Home

The kitchen and dining area are the heart and soul of most homes, where your family and friends congregate to eat and share their lives with you. So, it’s key to create a space that reflects your style, provides comfort to allow lingering, and is achievable within your budget. With so many types of diningRead more ⟶

Tolix Chairs – Classic Industrial Design History

Tolix’s ergonomic design principles are based on five factors that influence a venue’s ambience, whether a restaurant, cafe or at home. Safety, comfort, ease of use, performance and aesthetics underpin the experience. One principle flows into the next to create an interactive, effortless space. Designed by Frenchman Xavier Pauchard, the classic Tolix chair design hasRead more ⟶

Epoxy vs. Chrome – How to Choose the Right Shelving

Wire shelving units are aesthetically pleasing and a wallet-friendly option for both businesses and homeowners alike. Chrome and Epoxy are the most common types of wire shelving units due to their durability, versatility and heavy load capacity. However, sorting out which option is best suited for you can bea bit overwhelming. When in the market for shelving, it is important to recognise your primary use for the product and to then consider which option is best. Here’s few important variables to considerRead more ⟶