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If you’re looking for breakfast bar stools NZ that are suitable for breakfast bar counter, then you’ve come to the right place. Chairforce NZ have a wide range of breakfast bar stools that are perfect for any breakfast bar or kitchen counter.

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Breakfast Bar Stools New Zealand

Breakfast Bar Stools

Breakfast Bar Stools FAQs

How tall should my breakfast bar stools be?

The height of the stools should be at least 18 inches – preferably 24-30 inches.

How long should a breakfast bar be for 3 people?

A breakfast bar should be about 18 inches long for 3 people.

Which bar stools is comfortable?

The bar stools that are comfortable to sit on vary depending on the person. There are some that have padding and others that do not.

What is the difference between a kitchen stool and a bar stool?

Most kitchen stools have a shorter height than bar stools, meaning they are easier to get up from. They are also often less wide and provide more support for the thighs and lower back when standing or sitting.

What is the point of a breakfast bar?

While maintaining an open concept, a breakfast bar can serve to divide the kitchen from the dining area visually.

What do you call a breakfast bar?

A breakfast bar is a smaller dining table set and has a less formal vibe than a regular dining room table.