Tolix Chairs – Classic Industrial Design History

Tolix’s ergonomic design principles are based on five factors that influence a venue’s ambience, whether a restaurant, cafe or at home. Safety, comfort, ease of use, performance and aesthetics underpin the experience. One principle flows into the next to create an interactive, effortless space.

Designed by Frenchman Xavier Pauchard, the classic Tolix chair design has been around since the 1930’s . Pauchard’s understanding of industrial design merged with a sense of practicality to create a product of exceptional quality.

Today, the guiding principles of style and durability that marks a Tolix chair live on in our commitment to quality at

What are Tolix Chairs?

Chances are, you have sat on a Tolix chair at your favourite bar or restaurant, at home or abroad.
The US Army trusted Tolix chairs in world war II, and shortly after they are commonplace in cafes and restaurants, offices, hospitals, auditoriums and outdoor activity centres.

Tolix chairs are a staple in designer kitchens and have been featured in interior design magazines all over the world for over 60 years.

Who designed the Tolix Chair?

Xavier Pauchard, a sheet metal worker by trade, set out to make chairs that would withstand the elements while appealing to shop and restaurant owners as an aesthetic addition to their businesses.

“Chaise A” made its appearance in the mid-Thirties, and, with a few amendments, “Monsieur X”, as Pauchard came to be known, had refined the prototype to create the stackable chair that we now know as a Tolix chair.
Apart from providing restaurant and cafe business owners with durable, balanced, attractive cafe furniture, he’d found a ready solution for a real dilemma. Nowadays, Tolix is associated with ease of use and durability.

The Tolix “Chaise A”, which is its original chair design, and the “Fauteuil D”, the signature stool, have stood the test of time as examples of classic timeless design to suit any space.

Tolix Chair

What is the Tolix Style?

A Tolix chair features the holes in the seat and the “X” design is the reinforcing framework for the seat of the chair, hence Pauchard’s nickname. Tolix chairs are easy to clean and maintain, and it is possible to stack 25 chairs in a single column. That’s a large part of their appeal for public areas and your patio area, alike.

What you have as a result is a sturdy, steady frame. In Pauchard’s time, 100 manual processes were undertaken in the manufacturing of a single chair. Xavier Pauchard never got round to patenting his designs, an oversight that wasn’t uncommon at the time.

The Tolix factory has remained active in France; despite ups and downs, the Tolix design has been reproduced worldwide for decades.

How are Tolix Chairs Manufactured?

Even though good design never fails, replicas that do not stay true to using the best materials will not stand up to the test of time in busy food venues.

An original Tolix chair can set you back triple what you’d be prepared to pay to have your space enhanced, depending on where you shop. That’s what sets Chairforce apart from other retailers.

We focus on the highest quality products, made to last in busy restaurant environments, at the lowest price possible.

At Chairforce, we source your Tolix replica chairs from reputable manufacturers, according to strict specifications. By skipping the middleman, Chairforce can bring you the best quality at a great price.

Are Tolix Chairs Comfortable?

Tolix chairs provide a level of comfort that suits the application. Their popularity would have waned long before today had their function not met consumer demand.

New design touches that do not compromise the chair’s durability accommodate a wide variety of colour choices, different materials, like wood, and rounded edges with child safety in mind.

Which Tolix Chair is Most Comfortable?

Comfort depends on the user or the business owner who factors in customer turn-around time. Domestic applications offer a variety of Tolix chair designs and materials to offset both your décor and offer the comfort levels you would expect in your kitchen, living room or home office.

tolix bar stool

What is a Tolix Stool?

Tolix bar stools became famous for commercial use around bar areas in hotels, pubs, and for outdoor pubs. They make an attractive addition to industrial kitchens, home bar areas and modern spaces, fusing space with an ambient aesthetic.

The critical factor that distinguishes a Tolix stool from so many others is its stability and balanced design. Add a handy hole in the seat for easy carrying and the classic ‘X’ crossback feaure of the Tolix.

What Tolix Chair & Stool Designs and Colors Are Available?

Chairforce offers you an extensive range of Replica Pauchard Tolix designs – from chairs to tables and stools. Many of our chairs come in up to 8 colour variations, so you are guaranteed to find the right Tolix chair to match your home, cafe or restaurant ambience.

Chairs, counter stools and barstool heights in all three categories differ and can be selected to suit your needs. There are various table tops available to bring that individual touch to your venue.

Where Do I Purchase Tolix Chairs?

Harry Bray, director of Chairforce, assures his clients a top-notch, cost-effective experience where no compromises are made on quality or price. Warehouses are kept stocked full, and both businesses and residential customers are invited to shop at Chairforce.

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