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Looking to buy plastic chairs for your church in New Zealand?

Chairforce New Zealand presents a diverse collection of UV-resistant polypropylene plastic chairs, compatible for church settings. This selection encompasses a blend of industrial, modern, and classic designs that complement modern aesthetic trends. Available in a variety of colours, these chairs are ideal for enhancing the ambience of church environments and are designed for low maintenance. Discover more about our stackable plastic chairs.

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Duro Chair

Feature Description
Material Polypropylene injected with glass fibre
Warranty 2-year limited warranty
Load Capacity Static load up to 300kg
Style Not specified
Assembly No assembly required
Stackable Up to 10 pieces

Quick Overview

The Duro Chair by Lucio combines durability with a modern design. With its polypropylene injected with glass fibre, it supports a 300kg static load, making it a sturdy alternative to traditional church pews and a reliable choice for church seating needs as well as enhancing its suitability as a stackable church chair. UV stabilised and weather resistant, it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor chapel use. Its stackable feature enhances space efficiency, aligning with the needs of versatile church environments.

Mona Outdoor Chair

Feature Description
Material One piece polypropylene – single mould
Warranty 5-year limited warranty
Load Capacity Static load up to 150kg
Assembly No assembly required
Stackable Up to 6 pieces

Quick Overview

The Mona Chair, inspired by the flawless beauty of the Mona Lisa, is a perfect fit for church and chapel environments. Crafted from a single mould, it’s safe, hygienic, and free of rust-prone joints, ideal for the Australian climate with its UV stabilisation. This chair’s stackable nature allows for efficient use of space, making it an excellent alternative to chapel chairs. Easy to clean and maintain, the Mona Chair adds both elegance and practicality to church seating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is plastic chairs a good alternative to church pews?

Yes, plastic chairs can be a great alternative to traditional church pews. They offer flexibility in seating arrangements, are easy to move and store, and can be more comfortable and accommodating for various body types.

Why consider plastic chairs when looking for church pews for sale?

Consider plastic chairs for their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of maintenance. They are also available in various designs to suit different aesthetics, and are often more adaptable to different space requirements than fixed pews.

Why stacking church chairs is better than traditional church pews?

Stacking church chairs provide a significant advantage over traditional church pews in terms of space management and maintenance. When not in use, these chairs can be easily stacked and stored away, freeing up valuable floor space for other activities or a more open layout. This feature also simplifies cleaning, as the floor becomes more accessible when chairs are stacked and moved aside.

Are your stackable chairs suitable for chapel use?

Yes, our stackable chairs are suitable for chapel use. They are designed to be durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing, fitting well in both traditional and contemporary chapel settings.

Do plastic chairs cause damage on chapel floors?

Generally, plastic chairs do not cause damage to chapel floors, especially as most of our chairs come with plastic or rubber feet securely attached to protect your floors.

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