Square Ricardo High Pressed Resin Table Tops Walnut Finish


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The Ricardo is a heavy duty high pressed resin table top that is impervious to daily commercial wear. Being heat & water resistant this is a viable option for your undercover outdoor or alfresco areas.



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Ricardo table tops by Pablo, are made from rubber wood chips, hot-pressed into a chipboard with an edge pressed into the board. The colour cover is heat pressed onto the board, creating a seamless finish, and un-peelable cover.
These tops meet all hygiene requirements of the professional catering industry due to their seamless edge.
Ideal for commercial spaces such as cafe, restaurant, clubs & pubs.

• 2 year limited warranty.
• Suitable for Indoor and covered outdoor commercial use
• Seamless edge – meets professional catering industry hygiene requirements.
• Superior wear resistance – stands up to scratches from crockery & utensils.
• Resistant to mildew, UV, wind & water. We do not recommend you leave this top in the rain and sun.
As with any timber table top, excessive heat and moisture can lead to the timber expanding and cracking.
• Scratch resistant.
• Heat resistant up to 180°C for cigarettes and hot plates.
• Suitable for indoor and alfresco areas – do not leave in direct sunlight.
• Impact resistant – holds up well against rough handling.
• Low maintenance – easy to clean. Holds up well to stains.
• High density woodchip table top with a fully-exterior foil.
• 17mm Inner thickness, with 30mm outside edge.
• This top is supplied with guide holes for easy assembly to fit Pablo table bases. Just screw into your top.
• Ricardo tops are supplied in their own box, for easy delivery & handling.

• Also available in round and rectangle.

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Ricardo table tops are 3cm thick.
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Regularly use a cloth with a non-abrasive detergent to clean daily dirt off your table top.

Use an amino household cleaner to remove any packaging residue left on the table top. We do not recommend these tops are stored “upside down” outdoors because the deeper edge shape underneath prevents water from running off.

Catch the stains before they set in.
No matter what cleaning method you use, the only way to ensure your table top stays stain free and clean is to regularly clean them. To add to the longevity of your table top, get your staff to wipe food and spills off the table surface before they set in.

We recommend you do not place chairs, feet first on any table top.
This can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your table top and if the chairs are dragged off the table top can cause additional scratches and distress to the surface. For better return on your investment and longevity of your table invest in stacking chairs and store at the side of your room, rather than on top of your table.

WARNING: Do not expose dark colour tops to full sunlight for long periods. Table tops, especially dark colours, heat up in direct sunlight, which may cause the core material to expand, resulting in a slight bow.