4-Tier Stainless Commercial Kitchen Shelf 1200 X 510 x 1800mm high


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This 4-tier stainless shelf is everything Chairforce embodies in one product; stainless steel, and quality. Stands at 1800mm high and has screw in shelves, along with adjustable feet.


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4-Tier Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelf Unit
• When only stainless will do.
• Screw in shelves.
• Adjustable feet.
• Eco Friendly. Brayco Stainless Steel is made from 95% recycled materials.

Weight rating: 50kgs per shelf, evenly spread.
Legs: Stainless Steel 201
Shelves: Stainless Steel 430

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 51 × 120 × 180 cm
120cm x 51cm deep
180cm high
Extra shelves available – please call for details 09 271 5000
Care & Maintenance of Stainless Steel: While stainless steel is a highly-durable material, there are a few simple tips to keeping it clean and in tip-top condition. Well maintained stainless steel will last for decades. General Cleaning Methods: 1. Polish or brush with the grain of the stainless steel. This will help to diminish marks or scratches. 2. Day to Day Cleaning - mild detergent and cloth or soft brush (no bleach). Make sure you rinse with clean water and wipe the surface dry. Harsh bleaches can permanently ruin any stainless steel surface. Detergent is fine. Specialist stainless steel cleaners are fine, but largely unnecessary. 3. Deep Clean – for a really intense clean, us methylated spirits or turpentine and then rinse with clean water and dry. Follow up with light rub of olive oil and polish with soft cloth. 4. Tea and Coffee Stains – Soak the affected area with boiling water and baking powder. Then rinse with fresh water and dry. 5. Rust Marks – We recommend using a proprietary stainless steel cleaner (such as a phosphoric acid). Please handle with care and ensure you rinse with clean water and dry carefully. 6. Limescale – Soak in boiling water with 25% vinegar solution, rinse well with baking powder solution and then rinse with clean water. 7. Paint – Paint stripper or turpentine, with nylon brush. Rinse well with fresh water and dry. General Tips: : • Do not use steel wool brushes or scourers which have been used on ordinary steel as these will damage the stainless surface and allow rust to form. • Don’t use concentrated bleach, hydrochloric acid or any cleaning chemical that has Chlorine. Chlorine is a corrosive chemical for all types of stainless steel. • Don’t scrub against the grain of the steel. • Do use a soft cloth and follow these guidelines for years of great stainless steel! Any questions, give one of our team a call. 1300 272 926: