Diego Folding Bar Table


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No room to swing a cat? These tables are ideal for use where space is limited. The flip-top table and staggered leg design easily stores away into a more compact space than conventional tables.


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The Diego Folding Table range is a heavy duty high pressed compact laminate table top with a jointless surface that is impervious to daily commercial wear.

• 2 year commercial warranty.
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor commercial use.
• Flip top table top design.
• Easily stored.
• Flat packed for easy transport – easy to assemble.

Table Top
• 70cm diameter black table top.
• High pressed compact laminate with a jointless surface.
• 12mm thick.
• Covid-suitable non-porous surface makes it hygienic and easy to clean.
• Resistant to hot foods & cigarette burns.
• Superior wear resistance – stands up to scratches from crockery & utensils.
• Water resistant.
• Impact resistant – holds up well against rough handling.
• Low maintenance – easy to clean. Holds up well to stains.
• Rounded safety corners – no bruises to customer’s legs!

Table Base
• Aluminium base, standard bar table height 109cm.
• Aluminium 67 cm leg span.
• 6 cm diameter column.
• Steel top plate 49 x 49cm.
• Powder coated stem.
• Adjustable feet NO WOBBLE.
• Weight 9 kg.
• Simple assembly required. Instructions supplied.

All prices include gst.

Folding Bar Table Outdoor

The folding bar table outdoor is the most suitable for the tiny spaces.  No more hassling with the space and space issues. The portable folding bar table outdoor is the best choice for you. You can easily set up and take down the folding bar table outdoor without any hassles. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Bar Height Folding Table Adjustable

A bar height folding table is a table that is designed for a bar or a cafe. The bar height folding tables are fairly simple in their design. The bar height folding tables can be easily folded to be stored when they are not in use.

Weight 19 kg


Base: 67 cm leg span, 6 cm diameter column
Table Top: 70cm diameter, 12mm thick
110cm high table
Folding Tables – Safe Lifting & Handling Instructions
These tables work hard for you - treat them well and they will reward you with years of service.
PLEASE NOTE: Folding tables need to be carried by the base NOT the top.
Lift by the base (folded or unfolded) to reduce excess stress on the screws that are attached to your table top, resulting in a significantly longer lifespan of your folding table.
(Please look after your back too – remember to bend your knees when lifting heavy objects)
View PDF lifting instructions here.

Care & Maintenance of Your Ricardo Table Top
Regularly use a cloth with a non-abrasive detergent to clean general oil on the board.

Use an amino household cleaner to remove any packaging residue left on the table top. We do not recommend these tops are stored “upside down” outdoors because the deeper edge shape underneath prevents water from running off.

Catch the stains before they set in.
No matter what cleaning method you use, the only way to ensure your table top stays stain free and clean is to regularly clean them. To add to the longevity of your table top, get your staff to wipe food and spills off the table surface before they set in.

We recommend you do not place chairs, feet first on any table top.
This can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your table top and if the chairs are dragged off the table top can cause additional scratches and distress to the surface. For better return on your investment and longevity of your table invest in stacking chairs and store at the side of your room, rather than on top of your table.

WARNING: Do not expose dark colour tops to full sunlight for long periods. Table tops, especially dark colours, heat up in direct sunlight, which may cause the core material to expand, resulting in a slight bow.

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